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Updated: May 30, 2018

Eight years ago, Headstart began as a small business developed by myself and colleague/mentor Rowan Belchers. Its goal was to improve performance in the sports arena through more efficient thinking and behaviour.

The role Headstart has played in my own life, as well hopefully in others, has been immeasurable. Through highs and lows, it’s given me insight into a wide range of sporting disciplines, taken me around the globe, opened doors to inspirational individuals and entities and most importantly afforded me a huge learning opportunity in an industry about which I am passionate.

Finally it has brought me to a stage where I can take what I have learned to another level – and a new personal direction.

The next chapter needs to begin as my work and philosophies have matured, my associations have broadened and my belief in what is possible has heightened. I am fortunate to be part of a fine leadership consultancy, Lockstep, and have also had exposure to elite sport in South Africa as well as in the UK and Australia. This formulation of my working life therefore requires flexibility, clarity of intention but also a maturation of process. Personal development work, including certification in Systemic Team coaching, Heartstyles, Enneagram, corporate coaching, as well as personal coaching and therapy, has extended my growth as a practitioner with over a decade of experience in the leadership and high performance worlds.

So with Headstart quite literally my foundation, from now all corporate work I undertake will be under the Lockstep banner, with sporting and speaking work done as Tom Dawson-Squibb.


Underpinning the unlocking of high performance I believe requires three ingredients:

· consistency of process - Always

· a focus on internal condition as well as doing/actions as a person – Be

· a combination of high quality personal and systemic leadership to gain maximum results – Leading

The ultimate goal is to be on top of the leaderboard in whatever your chosen sphere may be – hence the other meaning of the phrase – Always be leading.

I will continue to bring you insightful content and thinking and trust that you will notice the maturing off my work towards being more impactful, more sustainable and of such a nature that it has real clarity in its nature. Please follow this progress on

Get in touch today to discover how to accelerate your, or your organisation’s journey towards being the best, highest performing, version of themselves.

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