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Tom gives talks on leading performance to both small and larger audiences. He prefers to engage and stimulate an audience by involving them, and offering applicable solutions and stimulation rather than an energising message that lasts only a few hours. He shares anecdotes and stories from his own experiences as well as those of others, but all work is routed in theory and understanding of the topics which he has researched and grappled with himself. He has spoken to both business and sport on the topics of being your best self, leadership, leading performing environments and change. 

The Leading Conversation is a concept through which Tom puts together a group of leaders in specific fields and facilitates open-forum debates on the topic of effective performance. It includes involvement with members of the audience in a highly-engaging way bringing topics to life through the relating of their own experiences.

“A good engagement is one that allows people to apply the thinking to themselves practically, right there and then – giving them the opportunity to answer some of their own questions, both stimulating and entertaining at the same time. Everyone loves a good story too!



In this talk designed for anyone at any level, Tom takes us through the most fundamental principles for bringing about high performance. Through using research and experience from the world of high performance he is able to relate to people by telling numerous stories that give weight to the concepts he supports. The talk is entertaining enough to keep you engaged whilst being sophisticated in its approach so as to give people practical and insightful takeaways that can be used to improve personal performance in any sphere.


This talk is specifically designed for people who have influence on a system. It looks at what the world of sport can teach people who may run business, organisations or sports teams. There is a clear flow to this talk as it identifies four key areas that consistently are present in success stories and that are readily applicable to your system. The essence being that the difference between successful and average are often very simple concepts that appear to be common sense but in fact are often missed. In this talk Tom brings a lot of his own experiences in sport, having worked at all levels across 18 different sports, alongside some solid theory.

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