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Tom works with business in creating high quality leaders to drive optimum performance. He works under the Lockstep consultancy, as a senior associate. Lockstep aims to partner with business to create sustainable, conscious organisations that produce profit and serve a purpose. 


“Every person has the right to create their own form of ‘remarkable’ within their working environment. But it’s important to recognise that people don’t work in isolation, rather as part of a system. Our job is to find the best way to work in  conjunction with that system. Personal and interpersonal understanding are thus crucial components of excellence – it’s often the really tough conversations that are required to create that excellence.”

"At our company conference Tom was outstanding and filled with energy - his style and content ‘tailor-made’ for what we were looking for and very well accepted by all who attended. We had very positive feedback and results."

— Trevor Fish,

CEO Interwil Group

Tom is a Senior Associate with

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