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Some kind words from great people...

“I believe Tom was indispensable to our Currie Cup campaign. He got the team thinking and communicating at a level we hadn’t been at before. As a team and as individuals we developed a lot from his sessions. He was also a great guy to have in the team environment.”

— Huw Jones,

Scotland Rugby International

“Tom was instrumental in the team’s collective confidence and bringing out not only the best in me, but also the team. A man that believes in being straight up and most of all, being honest.”

— Rob Du Preez,

Sharks Rugby Player

“Tom’s abilities in the sporting world translate perfectly to the corporate environment. His infectious curiosity around how to drive performance rubs off immediately on the people he works with or talks to.”

— Rowan Belchers,

Lockstep CEO

“I have enjoyed working with Tom and feel he will add value in any High Performance environment. I have been impressed by the way he delivers his expertise and knowledge and feel it would give many a clear understanding and purpose around how to advance their chosen careers.”

— Gary Kirsten,

Former South Africa & India Cricket Coach

“At our company conference Tom was outstanding and filled with energy - his style and content ‘tailor-made’ for what we were looking for and very well accepted by all who attended. We had very positive feedback and results.”

— Trevor Fish,

CEO Interwil Group

“Tom made an impact with his professional and innovative methods. He takes on tasks with enthusiasm and dedication - I wish that all my co-workers had his attitude!”

— Gary Gold,

USA Rugby Head Coach, Ex-Springbok Assistant Coach

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tom  during the Ikey Tigers successful 2011 Varsity Cup campaign. I have been impressed by his passion, his intellect, his obvious thirst for knowledge and his search for new ideas. He is not someone who is comfortable with a fixed way of educating athletes. Instead he tries continuously to improve himself and his craft.”

— Professor Tim Noakes,

Sports Science Institute of South Africa

“Tom has brought something completely different: an  objective way of thinking, what you can control and what to leave out the  picture. The time spent with him has helped us build on something deeper, something  that plays a bigger role in a sportsman’s world than most people realise.”

— Francois Louw,

Springboks & Bath Rugby Player

"I think the most important thing about Tom is that he knows how to win. His competitive nature is a great asset to his work. In the last 3 years I have been part of 3 different teams and have won 3 trophies – Tom was extremely involved in all 3 campaigns, working with the team as a whole and on a 1 on 1 basis with all the players. Working with Tom is always fun and enjoyable; he has an amazing gift of bringing a team together and creating a positive environment. I still to this day regularly work with Tom to strengthen and refine parts of my game. If I were a coach , Tom would be the first person I would hire."

— Nic Groom,

Stormers & WP Rugby Player

"Although a relatively new concept with regard to rugby, the mental side of the game cannot be ignored and having a person as forward thinking and unique as Tom on board is an absolute must. He is ahead of the game in his field and has a great feel for people and is able to connect on all levels. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with Tom during this campaign."

— Kevin Musikanth,

UCT Ikey Tigers Varsity Cup Head Coach 2014

"Tom has an amazing ability to resonate with each individual by speaking and relating life with sport.

His knowledge of the psychological sphere is incomparable."

— Scott Fraser,

Financial Adviser, Liberty Life

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